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Artificial Intelligence Engineer

1. Who are AI Engineers?

Artificial Intelligence Engineers are experts who develop various artificial intelligence techniques and apply them to various industries. Over the years, AI engineers have been working on developing machines that think like the human brain. Artificial intelligence, which has developed in this way, does not simply perform tasks according to commands, but thinks like humans and performs things in a better way, and it is [Business World] and other industries had a great influence.

The automotive sector is the most representative example of how artificial intelligence has helped industrial development. Technologies such as autonomous driving, automatic car maintenance, and navigation that help you navigate faster by time are all technologies developed based on artificial intelligence. By using artificial intelligence in vehicles, which are transportation vehicles, drivers can drive more comfortably and safely.

The demand and interest for artificial intelligence engineers who develop such breakthrough artificial intelligence is increasing over time.

2. Importance of AI Engineers

 ▶ Software design

AI engineers must have a deep knowledge of machine learning, including ability to build a model and validation. You also need to decide whether the model is ready to be deployed and whether it needs to be maintained or replaced. The ultimate goal of AI is not to build machines that can learn, more importantly, to build machines capable of self-analysis.

 ▶ AI algorithm creation and distribution

AI-based systems run based on algorithms. These intelligent algorithms, combined with iterative processing, allow the software to learn by itself. The AI engineer writes the code necessary for the AI machine to work. Coding is the most difficult part of developing AI-based systems, and engineers need to study the product's requirements and understand what logic or algorithms to apply before writing code.

 ▶ Building infrastructure for data science

AI is widely used for data extraction and analysis. AI software engineers ensure that environments created during product development are easily replicated and managed after the final product. It is also responsible for setting up and managing the production and development of AI infrastructure. On the other hand, the hardware AI engineer is responsible for assembling, setting up, and configuring the machine to function properly.

 ▶ Data analysis

Engineers collect data and run against machine learning algorithms to identify common pitfalls. They work with data scientists and architects and business analysts to ensure that the analytics backend meets the business goals. AI engineers are responsible for keeping the innovations in the field of artificial intelligence up to date.Handling big data is common for engineers working on large projects. Data analysis is used to identify solutions in a variety of problems.

 ▶ Natural language processing

NLP is an area of research focused on improving the communication skills of humans and computers/machines. The goal is to improve the way machines respond to human voices or commands. Like machine learning, NLP works using big data and algorithms. Representative examples of NLP are voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa. This technology is designed to gain a deeper understanding of human language until it reaches a point where a machine can infer what a person wants when presented with a whole new set of request commands.

 ▶ Image processing

Image processing algorithms allow you to analyze what machines and robots recognize and react accordingly. From an engineer's point of view, this means that the machine can identify structural and other problems in any manufacturing or production process. AI continues to play an important role in engineering. In addition, AI engineers will be a key driver of change and innovation not only in the IT industry, but also in various fields.

3. AI engineer with CLICK AI

Data analytics and scientists, software developers can use the CLICK AI platform to accelerate their transition to AI engineers using automated machine learning capabilities.

CLICK AI can use automated machine learning capabilities to accelerate your transition to AI engineers.
CLICK AI implements artificial intelligence with one click without cumbersome coding by preparing and preprocessing data, modeling and verifying the model.

CLICK AI creates industry-specific artificial intelligence to introduce high-accuracy artificial intelligence to help AI engineers make business decisions at higher strategic points than they normally do.


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