Big Data

1. What is Big Data?

Big data in a narrow sense refers to large-scale data whose scale exceeds the capabilities of existing database management tools, has a short generation cycle, and encompasses text and images. Big data in a broad sense includes not only big data itself in a narrow sense, but also technology that extracts various values and analyzes results through analysis of big data. In the era of big data, not only the size of data is vast, but also various types of data are used to analyze and predict people's thoughts, opinions and values.

Big data technology advances through the creation, collection, and analysis of various types of large-scale data. The advancement of big data technology helps to predict the diversified and personalized modern society more accurately and enables the management and analysis of customized information according to members. This makes it possible to realize technologies that were not possible in the past. As such, big data is gaining importance in various fields including politics, economy, and science.

However, big data has concerns in terms of privacy and security. Since big data often includes personal information, it may appear that even private information is collected and managed like the so-called 'Big Brother'. Also, if personal data collected in this way is leaked for security reasons, it can be a big problem.

2. Example of Big Data

There are countless examples of big data. Here are some examples.
 - The New York Stock Exchange generates from innumerable number of transactions per second, so the newly created trading data each day amounts to about 1 terabyte.
 - Certain coffee shops thoroughly analyze commercial districts based on big data before opening a new store. The optimal location is obtained by collecting and analyzing a large amount of data such as the location of other competitors' stores, population density, floating population patterns, and public transportation routes.
 - A specific shopping mall can accurately predict which product a woman "who is between the ages of 20 and 35, who enjoys watching overseas dramas, and who purchased furniture last month, and who has a monthly salary of 3 million won or more," would prefer through a big data analysis system. With these predictions, banner ads are offered while customers are shopping.

3. Big Data with CLICK AI

As you can see above, big data has many possibilities. With CLICK AI, you can create value by efficiently utilizing huge amounts of data in your business.


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