Data Insight

1. What is Data Insight?

Many companies use data to make decisions. But the data itself is just an input. The key to decision making are the insights gained from the data. Insight into your data starts with figuring out what you want to get from it and your purpose of using data. This is because once you know your purpose, you can collect and analyze data in the right direction. The process of gaining insights from data varies by business sectors and is therefore difficult to articulate, but there are three main steps. Data collection, analysis, and understanding (insight).

2. Importance of Data Insight

As mentioned earlier, the data itself is just a supplement to the insights, and it is the insights from the data that ultimately have a big impact on decision making. This is why machine learning and artificial intelligence are emerging as the center of future industries. In the past, data itself has been steadily accumulated. However, with the recent advances in computing power, large-scale computations that were not possible before have become possible. This made it possible to develop machine learning and artificial intelligence using big data, which made it much more common to gain insights from data. In other words, machine learning and artificial intelligence, which are currently in the limelight, are only tools for analyzing data to provide insights, which could be the key to important decision making processes. 

3. Data Insight with CLICK AI

By presenting factors that affect the reference data value along with figures, a reference point for professional data analysis is presented. At the same time,  AI models with CLICK AI automatically visualizes analysis results in various formats to help users understand significant relationships and associations. 

The following is a detailed view of the bank's artificial intelligence results developed by CLICK AI. It shows feature importance of factors that had an impact on the predicted value, allowing you to rank multiple factors according to their importance. In addition, it will be easier to gain insights from your data using the additional analytics tools provided by CLICK AI. Additional analysis tools can be found in Data Visualization.


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