Object Detection

1. What is Object Detection?

Object detection model is a model that identifies and detects objects from an image data. It detects and classifies objects based on labeled images used to train the model. This is a technique developed from Image classification, which classifies images into different classes, and object localization, which finds areas of an object from the image. Object recognition in deep learning is mainly accomplished through approaches such as 'Region based convolutional neural network'(R-CNN) or 'You only look once'(YOLO).

2. Object Detection Examples

By training a model with images labeled with different classes, the object detection model can successfully detect objects from different images.

If a model is given a training image data set labeled 'dog' and 'cat' like above, the model will find patterns of the two classes and use the patterns to detect the two types of objects from different images.

The object detection model will than be able to successfully identify and classify 'dog' and 'cat.' But objects that were not labeled in the training sets like rabbits and guinea pigs cannot be detected by the model.

3. Use of Object Detection

The ability to classify and locate objects in images has recently been in the spotlight in many industries. Among them, one of the hottest field for object recognition is autonomous driving. Autonomous driving uses object detection to constantly detect other vehicles, pedestrians, road signs, and traffic lights while driving. Object recognition is also being used and developed in other various industries as well.
- Face recognition
- Defective product inspections
- Airport inspections

4. Object Detection with CLICK AI

CLICK AI provides codeless artificial intelligence model development experience for users. With a just few clicks, users can develop machine learning models at a professional level through the automated process, and can build practical models to maximize business revenues. Object detection models can be developed conveniently through CLICK AI using the in-platform labeling tool and linking the labeled data directly to train models.

You can check the object recognition results of the image or video analysis function of the developed artificial intelligence model.
You can start developing an object detection model by clicking 'Develop AI' from CLICK AI's main page. More information about object detection model development is available at 물체 인식.

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