Citizen Data Scientist

1. What is Citizen Data Scientist (CDS)?

A research firm Gartner defines Citizen Data Scientist as "an emerging set of capabilities and practices that allows users to extract predictive and prescriptive insights from data while not requiring them to be as skilled and technically sophisticated as expert data scientists.” They do not specialize in data analysis, but they create value by actively utilizing their understanding of data science processes and knowledge of specific business areas. Meanwhile, as they are not professional data scientists they have their own self-service data analytics tools to complete their tasks.

2. The Importance of CDS

The demand for data scientists is outgrowing its supply in the recent years. But many companies do not require advanced degrees from all data scientists. Some tasks may require work from data scientist with an advanced degree, but hiring citizen data scientist may turn out to be more efficient in other cases. Therefore, citizen data scientists are becoming increasingly important for many businesses. In this context, Gartner anticipates that in 2019, the analytic and business value generated by citizen data scientists will outpace the value generated by other data scientists.

3. CDS with CLICK AI

By definition, a citizen data scientist is not a data scienctist or IT specialist. Rather, they may have backgrounds in business or MBA and use data analysis tools to help companies and organization make important decisions. CLICK AI may be a great tool for citizen data scientists to complete their tasks. High degree of engineering skill is usually required to create an artificial intelligence model, which may require a data scientist with an advanced degree. But Click AI completes these high level engineering process with an automated modeling and analytics service without having to program or write complex codes.

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Consult with an expert now.