You can save time and money with deep learning-based data labeling automation.

If you label the 100 data, 999,900 data are solved by AI automation.

When a worker labels only the first 100 data, an object recognition AI is created to label 900 data. When 900 automatically labeled data is inspected and corrected, a new object recognition AI is created with 1,000 labeled data that has been verified, and 9,000 data are automatically labeled.

Automation of Data Labeling by CLICK AI

CLICK AI's data labeling automation is a labeling tool with active learning. Active learning is an automatic data preprocessing technique that learns some labeling data and automatically labels the rest of the data. Automated data labeling saves time/cost for object recognition labeling.

Rapid Correction with 2-point Bounding

CLICK AI's data labeling automation can leverage 2-point bounding capabilities to bound polygon objects more quickly.
Inspectors can more quickly and conveniently modify data to improve data labeling quality.

Smart Crowdsourcing with Collaborative Intelligence

DSLAB GLOBAL goes beyond traditional crowd sourcing with collaborative AI trainers who collaborate with workers and AI to label data.

General Crowd Sourcing

Directly label the 100,000 data

Directly examine the 100,000 labeled data  

CLICK AI Smart Crowd Sourcing

Directly label the first 100 data for labeling 100,000 data

Automatically label 900 data by learning AI from labeled data

Examine only abnormal data out of 900 labeled data and relearn the AI

CLICK AI In-house Introduction Program

Artificial intelligence increases the accuracy of decision-making needed for management such as sales / marketing / inventory management / human resource management, and enables unlimited introduction of artificial intelligence for your industry.