Introduction of CLICK AI

It is the only AI platform that can apply large-scale enterprise AI without limitation by AI type/industry group.

Deep Learning-based Integrated Artificial Intelligence Platform

You no longer need the hassle of hiring professionals and working with departmental practitioners to introduce AI.
The CLICK AI platform popularizes data science and automates large-scale end-to-end processes to build, distribute, analyze/predict, and share artificial intelligence.
The CLICK AI, which is used as a cloud and server type AI service by adopting the latest open-source deep learning algorithm, helps improve business performance through artificial intelligence.

You can prepare for analysis between desired data by collecting data fragmented into DBs of numerous services.

You can automatically develop deep learning-based artificial intelligence algorithms that are suitable for data by utilizing self-developed CLICK AI engines.

It provides various additional functions such as generating prescription analysis reports, automatic visualization of analysis results, and automatic API generation.

Deep Learning AI for Everyone

Using the automated engine of CLICK AI, anyone can collaborate with artificial intelligence to increase efficiency and become an essential human resource in the 4th industry.


Even if you are not familiar with AI, you can develop the AI you need by utilizing data that you used in practice through CLICK AI's automated system. You can develop practical experience-based AI without coding and apply it to practice immediately.

Data Scientist

For data scientists, CLICK AI is a versatile tool that increases productivity. In the process of developing and applying AI, you can leave the tests of numerous algorithms to CLICK AI, and perform more in-depth results checks and feedback.

CEO and Management

CLICK AI can integrate and analyze various management-related data such as sales / marketing / personnel, and make effective decisions through prescription analysis, and can integrate with your business to derive new insights.

CLICK AI's Connected Planning

The CLICK AI platform consists of independent but fully integrated products, and can be developed and deployed in a variety of ways to suit your business requirements and industry / IT requirements.

Select the CLICK AI product.

You can buy only the features you want, or seamlessly combine them into a single platform.


It automates the creation of advanced deep learning models combined with world-class data science expertise.

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It automates the development of sophisticated time series models that predict the future value of continuous data based on past history and trends.

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It recognizes objects or defective objects in the image through object-based artificial intelligence.

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It understands the letters or voice of a word or sentence unit and recognizes the user's feelings or errors in the contract.

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The high-accuracy object recognition artificial intelligence generated by CLICK AI automates simple repetitive labeling tasks.

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It automatically builds and manages an optimized back-end system that enables more robust use of CLICK AI.

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CLICK AI EcoSystem

It creates a complex artificial intelligence model by linking artificial intelligence developed with CLICK AI and establish a high level of artificial intelligence-based ecosystem.

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Select the appropriate deployment options.

CLICK AI Enterprise offers two ways to introduce.

Cloud Enterprise

Introducing monthly subscription-based cloud

It leverages AWS cloud computing to set up an environment suitable for deep learning. You can easily use CLICK AI without space constraints in a stable cloud environment with a high level of AWS management.

Server Enterprise

Introducing in-house linked server rental

CLICK AI is installed on a high-performance GPU server suitable for deep learning and is leased to be linked to an in-house closed network. The high level of security can be maintained because the equipment is in-house.


There are already many solutions that combine machine learning
(NDL) or deep learning (DL) into decision-making tools for data
analysis/forecasting. However, third-party machine learning (NDL)-based solutions are difficult to use as an aid to help you make decisions due to their low predictive accuracy. In addition, third-party deep learning-based solutions require direct hyperparameter specification, which takes a long time to obtain a highly accurate predictive model. 

CLICK AI provides high accuracy and short development period that other companies cannot provide because it automatically creates the predictive model in the top 1% of deep learning algorithms without parameterization.

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