It automatically builds an optimal environment to utilize CLICK AI and makes it easy for anyone to manage.

Optimal Environment for Utilizing CLICK AI

Depending on the configuration of the data management and processing and utilization environments, CLICK AI can be more synergistic. CLICKC AI Ops™ makes it easier to manage and utilize the optimal environment for CLICK AI automatically.

Automatic Construction of Optimized Back-end

It automatically builds an optimal database for CLICK AI and a management system for back-end server environments, operations, and management.  

Real-Time Data Visualization Dashboard

It comes with a Business Intelligence (BI) tool dashboard that lets you visualize and view your data in real time.

Data RPA System

It can easily link artificial intelligence in CLICK AI to form a complex model or an artificial intelligence-based data flow.

Easy-to-configure Data Pipeline

It makes it easy for anyone to automate the entire process of data utilization from storage to learning, processing, analysis, and visualization, creating their own data pipeline.

Easy DB Configuration and Management

It visualizes the DB so that you can check and manage data with a familiar UI, and modify DB architectures such as adding or deleting simply with a click.

Automatic Visualization for At-a-glance Dashboards

It allows you to automatically visualize all data stored in the DB in real time, such as collected data, interlocked device data, and data processed with CLICK AI, and check it through the dashboard.

Configuration of Data Pipelines with Simple RPA Function

It automates the processing of data stored in the DB through the RPA function, and can be set to operate as a complex model by linking CLICK AI artificial intelligence. This allows RPA-processed data to be stored back into a DB, allowing a complete personalization data pipeline.

CLICK AI Success Program

Artificial intelligence increases the accuracy of decision-making needed for management such as sales / marketing / inventory management / human resource management, and enables unlimited introduction of artificial intelligence for your industry.