This is an AI VISION created through the latest deep learning algorithm and greatly improves object recognition accuracy.

A wide range of artificial intelligence can be used for image-based data.

It can be used in various forms depending on learning data such as human recognition and animal recognition, and can be used as artificial intelligence for deep learning machine vision inspection for each manufacturing product in the manufacturing industry such as display, PCB, film, semiconductor, etc.


This accurately detects image components in the form of areas through image analysis.

Application Cases: Solar Panels, Displays, etc.


This accurately classifies each image to a predefined class.

Application Cases: Determining Defect Status, etc.  


This recognizes each object class learned through image analysis and outputs coordinate values for the area.

Application Cases: Searching for Defective Elements, etc.

Ready-to-use Artificial Intelligence

Even without learning data, the AI below can be used right away.

Extraction of Image Color 
Detection of Identical Image and Web Page
Recognition of Image Label
Extraction of Letter
on the Image (OCR)
Recognition of Face Image
Recognition of Logo Image
Determining and Searching for Defects

QC is the most important factor in product production. It creates a defect determination artificial intelligence optimized for the product by learning images of genuine/defective products, and increases the QC level efficiently by reorganizing the process through defect classification and area detection.

Reading Medical Image

Because of human error, it is almost impossible to identify all defects with human eyes. The artificial intelligence developed by learning the medical images of non-patients and patients can be used as an excellent aid for medical diagnosis.

Camera Recognition Such as CCTV

It can automatically recognize and classify people, faces, behaviors, and objects in images collected through various optical cameras. Through deep learning-based monitoring automation, monitoring resident personnel can be utilized more efficiently.

CLICK AI Industrial Specialized Services

We solve problems in business by creating artificial intelligence suitable for the industry such as customer analysis / marketing / insurance.


Quality inspection is very important for products produced by manufacturing plants before they are shipped to the market. To prevent defective products from being delivered to the customer, you can learn the defect image to automate defect determination.


It uses the patient's characteristics data to predict the cost of health insurance, or to analyze the importance of the characteristics to significantly affect the cost of health insurance...


Recently, marketing in financial services has begun to introduce AI. Early marketers use vast amounts of data to pattern and analyze...

CLICK AI Success Program

Artificial intelligence increases the accuracy of decision-making needed for management such as sales / marketing / inventory management / human resource management, and enables unlimited introduction of artificial intelligence for your industry.