Innovation of Insurance with CLICK AI


The evolution of AI makes it easy and simple to perform critical processes such as automating quoting systems, resolving insurance claims, personalizing user interfaces, and detecting fraud.

It is important to make the right decisions quickly. In a typically one-way manufacturer's process, planning and data can be organically linked to each stage via CLICK AI, enabling rapid and agile development.

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  • Do you want to move fast and agile to keep up with the changes?
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Use Cases

Recommendation of Insurance Product

CLICK AI can improve customer satisfaction by quickly and accurately exploring customers' typical economic and social profiles, lifestyles, and lifestyles-based on data to provide the right insurance products to meet their needs. AI-based predictive analysis enables personalized pricing and service delivery. It provides accurate insight and accurate prediction of customer preferences and can improve customer satisfaction through marketing activities.

Claim Analysis and Prediction of Insurance Fraud

When looking at insurance, the most common form of fraud is plain and difficult to detect. CLICK AI analyzes customers' claims and reviews insurance fraud patterns or customer profiling to avoid insurance fraud risks. Early detection of fraud by employees or customers can significantly reduce industry costs and positively impact insurance premiums.

Simplification of Insurance Subscription Screening

Using the deep learning of CLICK AI, you can create a fast and accurate insurance subscription screening system. You can easily introduce a system to find out which variables can affect the insurance coverage history, and reduce customer waiting times so that customer can subscribe without the reviewer's confirmation.

Automation of Estimate

Using the deep learning of CLICK AI, the photos can be read to recognize pictures of cars damaged in an accident such as a car and automatically calculate repair details. You can improve productivity by using AI to simplify the insurer's screening process and streamline internal procedures.

Prevention and Prediction of Customer Churn

Retaining customers is more important than acquiring new customers from a cost perspective. CLICK AI can analyze customer attributes, behaviors, and external factors and predict which customers are most likely to churn. It can optimize corporate profits through customer retention by establishing and implementing customer churn prevention strategies.

Competitor Analysis

Analyzing competitors is a very important process in market positioning. With CLICK AI, you can analyze competitors' data, understand competitors' activities, understand market trends, and perform positioning. You can set future goals and present your strategy more accurately and quickly.

Finding Potential Customers

The Deep learning of CLICK AI can be used to analyze customer behavior patterns and market trends. Click AI integrates customer data to gain insights, develops insurance products that each customer prefers, or performs more accurate targeted marketing through analysis of the target customer's social profile, lifestyle, and life pattern to increase customer's purchase conversion rate.

Improvement of Chatbot Algorithm

Chatbots are used to create prospects while adding convenience to customers. The chatbot allows visitors to predict what they are looking for on the website and obtain a variety of insights from the chatbot's conversation and from the chatbot. The deep learning of CLICK AI can supplement the chatbot algorithm in a way that can increase the purchase rate by analyzing the correlation between chatbot conversation and purchase rate through artificial intelligence analyzing artificial intelligence chatbot.


CLICK AI can enhance operational efficiency and profitability across sales, marketing, and customer services by leveraging deep learning in real-time to segment customers and easily integrate/analyze customer data to correlate among its members. CLICK AI's CRM can provide real-time AI generation forecasts and scores with insights from the integration of internal and external datasets.

Recognition of Photos Submitted to the Insurance Company

Measuring the management status of various insurance policies, including building insurance, marine insurance, and truck insurance, is very expensive and takes a long time. Using the image recognition model of CLICK AI's deep learning, it is possible to efficiently manage customers by classifying documents or photos submitted by customers with artificial intelligence.

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