Logistics Service Innovation with CLICK AI

Management of Logistics Supply Chain and Improvement of Customer Service

This can take a holistic approach to supply chain management, providing real-time visibility across the network, creating the ability to detect and drive demand.

It is important to make the right decisions quickly. In a typically one-way manufacturer's process, planning and data can be organically linked to each stage via CLICK AI, enabling rapid and agile development.

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Use Cases

Inventory Management Optimization

With CLICK AI, distributors can automatically order the correct amount of raw materials to fulfill manufacturing orders, and use the data to predict future product demand. Using data and predictable models, CLICK AI allows you to analyze and predict sales information and SKUs, and reduce inventory management costs by reducing inventory. CLICK AI can reduce waste and increase profits by optimizing inventory management.

Logistics Network Optimization 

From the procurement of raw materials to the final consumer, information such as transportation, inventory, and travel routes can be shared between vehicles by utilizing information between vehicles in the entire logistics supply chain. In addition, by securing visibility, it is possible to reduce operating costs with optimal fuel economy and improve customer satisfaction by establishing an optimal logistics base, establishing an optimal transportation network, and suggesting an optimal route.

Demand Forecast

By using CLICK AI to more accurately predict demand, it is of utmost importance to reduce lead times that cannot be reduced in supply, production, and transportation of the supply chain. From a mid- to long-term perspective, forecasting customer demand and transportation volume is an important part of increasing the company's revenue as well as improving customer satisfaction.

Product Service Analysis and Recommendation

CLICK AI is a specialized system for purchasing and procuring strategies as well as evaluating, auditing, and credit rating of suppliers. It is a data-based purchase management system and supplier relationship management to objectively and quickly compare the performance of suppliers and establish a purchasing strategy for each product. You can apply AI solutions to analyze various data sets (e.g., delivery performance, audit, evaluation, and credit scores) and obtain customized recommendations for supplier relationship management. You can also use real-time and regular information about potential or existing suppliers to build mutually beneficial relationships.


CLICK AI can enhance operational efficiency and profitability across sales, marketing, and customer services by leveraging deep learning in real-time to segment customers and easily integrate/analyze customer data to correlate among its members. CLICK AI's CRM can provide real-time AI generation forecasts and scores with insights from the integration of internal and external datasets.

Warehouse Management

Another way AI is transforming warehouse management is optimizing logistics. That is, counting the number of pallets or packages that need to be moved on a particular day and how much equipment is required to handle that move. With CLICK AI, you can coordinate material handling with detailed stock movement forecasting and management. In this way, you can reduce operator errors and handling time, which increases overall efficiency and productivity. This can be of great help in improving the operation of warehouses, as well as increasing the time-to-use and supply of warehouses that store goods.

Flight Path Optimization

Using CLICK AI, data can be collected based on each path distance and altitude, aircraft type and weight, turbulence and other weather hazards to find the optimal path and reduce airplane fuel while improving the company's profits and customer service.

Order Management Optimization 

Failure to place orders in a timely manner will lead to longer lead times and significantly affect customer satisfaction. Using CLICK AI, you can make a purchase decision to purchase a product by using factors such as seasonal changes, sales fluctuations, and periods for purchase or shipment to a retailer. Automating decisions using AI can help with strategic and advanced decision making.

Ship Maintenance and Prevention

Ship engine failure can be a major factor that can lead to ship accidents. CLICK AI enables companies to determine when to replace a ship's engine that causes corporate losses by factors such as aging, temperature, speed, and pressure, and predict failure and other post-variables to support safe operation and maintain and repair. It is important to reduce ship accidents through more accurate ship management.

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