Innovation of Customer Marketing with CLICK AI

AI Marketing to Improve Customer Service

We deliver innovative CRM solution suites by improving services and avoiding customer churn through web marketing, mobile marketing, and real insight from existing customers.

It is important to make the right decisions quickly. In a typically one-way manufacturer's process, planning and data can be organically linked to each stage via CLICK AI, enabling rapid and agile development.

  • Do you want to be ahead of change?
  • Do you want the best thought and knowledge?
  • Do you want to move fast and agile to keep up with the changes?
  • Do you want to make decisions based on high-quality information at high speed?

Use Cases

Target Analysis and Prediction

CLICK AI uses deep learning to predict future purchasing patterns with data based on past customer behavior. In addition to demographic profiling such as geography, gender, and age, we apply AI and perform analysis, taking into account dispositions and interests, and predict future purchasing patterns. Predictive targeting targets customers who are likely to purchase similar products and related products that can be up-selling and cross-selling. Targeting that reflects interests not only improves brand awareness but also improves to secure potential customers.

Competitor Analysis

You need to be able to analyze competitors, analyze their weaknesses, and plan better ways. It is important to have a clear picture of the market. CLICK AI can also analyze competitors' details by data. It can also help you identify other competitors' activities, find market trends and positioning, set future goals, and show strategies more accurately and quickly.


CLICK AI can enhance operational efficiency and profitability across sales, marketing, and customer services by leveraging deep learning in real-time to segment customers and easily integrate/analyze customer data to correlate among its members. CLICK AI's CRM can provide real-time AI generation forecasts and scores with insights from the integration of internal and external datasets.

Emotion Recognition and Analysis

In a modern society where social media activity is rapidly increasing, it is important to analyze and understand the articles written by customers through customer reviews or sentiment analysis of social media articles. CLICK AI analyzes the text and uses emotional tone (positive, negative, neutral) through consumer dialogue, allowing companies to reasonably grasp what people think of products and give feedback accordingly. In addition, such companies can find customers who are not satisfied with their products and develop marketing and other sales strategies to them.

Reputation Management and Improvement

The key to brand management is maintaining, positioning and defining a good brand reputation. CLICK AI can play a key role in enhancing brand value through enhancing customer experience, protecting online reputation, and monitoring brand reputation. It contributes to enhancing the customer's experience through speech recognition, sentiment interpretation, and consumer behavior prediction, and can serve to monitor and protect brand reputation by analyzing customer review sites, social media posts, and more.

Improvement of Chatbot Algorithm

Chatbots are built to enhance customer convenience and foster potential customers. Emotional analysis of chatbot can predict what visitors are looking for on the website, and the deep learning of CLICK AI can supplement chatbot algorithms in a way that can increase the purchase rate by analyzing the correlation between chatbot conversation and purchase rate through artificial intelligence analyzing the artificial intelligence chatbot.

Forecasting and Prevention of Customer Churn

From a cost perspective, keeping customers is more important than getting new customers. CLICK AI analyzes customer attributes, behavior, and external factors to help predict the most likely customers to leave and prevent them from leaving. It can also optimize the company's revenue.

Product Recommendation

The interpretation of consumer data, such as customer review analysis, customer profile information, and demographics, allows CLICK AI to quickly learn purchasing behavior patterns and recommend products tailored to user profiles and habits. Product recommendation systems are a great marketing tool that can help companies increase revenue and sales.

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