Innovation of Medical Industry with CLICK AI

Optimization of Medical Processes and Patient Care, Reduction of Treatment Costs

CLICK AI can help reduce overall cost of care by analyzing vast amounts of clinical, claims, EMR and sensor data from providers, suppliers and hospitals involved in the healthcare industry to clarify and optimize decisions on how to take good care of patients.

It is important to make the right decisions quickly. In a typically one-way manufacturer's process, planning and data can be organically linked to each stage via CLICK AI, enabling rapid and agile development.

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Use Cases

Clinical Personnel Optimization 

Reservation with AI reduces operating costs, and personnel can avoid overwork and improve patient experience. Unpredictable and heavy schedules can cause enormous damage to almost everyone working in health care. It analyzes predictive labor through deep learning, improves work efficiency, reduces costs, and improves patient experience with related solutions. There is a lot of repetitive work in the medical industry. With the deep learning of CLICK AI, tasks that can be automated can be delivered more accurately and efficiently than humans in general, allowing health care workers to focus on their personal and more professional tasks.

Early Perception of Chronic Disease

Accurate forecasting in biomedical and health care plays an important role in identifying patient's risk of disease. According to medical reports, the mortality rate from chronic diseases is high, and more than 70% of the patient's medical expenses are spent on treating chronic diseases. Deep learning prediction through CLICK AI can provide the benefits of early detection of chronic diseases.

Patient Participation

Improve drug compliance and lifestyle changes through personalized treatment and messaging. Most patients today have a smartphone and can use the technology. This allows you to take advantage of innovative AI applications that improve patient engagement. Deep learning artificial intelligence using CLICK AI enables health care providers to engage patients through an intelligent medium that can understand patient behavior, allowing them to better understand the patient's condition. Regarding the medical examination, you can keep the patient in constant care.

Prediction Maintenance

CLICK AI can accurately predict asset failure by aggregating data from sensors, device enterprise systems, and operating systems. CLICK AI provides planners and operators with a comprehensive insight into asset risk to maintain higher asset availability, service-based differentiation, and lower maintenance costs.

Inventory Optimization

CLICK AI reduces inventory holding costs, improves cash flow and supply chain visibility, and improves inventory analysts' productivity. The inventory optimization of CLICK AI analyzes demand, supplier delivery time, quality issues, and product line interruptions to establish real-time recommendations and monitoring by confidence level and enables users to set optimization and receive real-time notifications. As a result, it can perform scenario planning and root cause analysis, optimize inventory levels, and manage suppliers comprehensively.

Addiction Prevention

For decades, researchers have been trying to figure out which parts are vulnerable to addiction and which parts are not addicted at all. There is no root cause of addiction, but we know that many combinations increase the risk of addiction. This includes psychological composition such as family history, access to matter and behavior, stress, traumatic events, low self-esteem, aggression, and impulsive personality. Using the deep learning model with CLICK AI, we can use the particular data of the addicted people in the past to suggest which people are vulnerable to addiction, which addictions are vulnerable, and how to prevent them.


CLICK AI can leverage deep learning in real-time to improve operational efficiency and profitability across sales, marketing, and customer services. CLICK AI's CRM can provide real-time AI generation forecasts and scores with insights from the integration of internal and external datasets.

Supply Chain Optimization

Research shows that 79% of companies with good performing and optimized supply chains have achieved greater sales growth. Deep learning helps you optimize your supply chain by identifying problems across individual and collective supply networks, and streamlining operations to address supply network variability. Artificial intelligence models trained through CLICK AI continuously analyze supply chain data to find new patterns. This pattern provides an opportunity for companies to optimize their supply chain processes by identifying with predictive accuracy a set of factors affecting the supply chain.

Detection of Healthcare Fraud

Medical fraud is harmful to patients, providers and taxpayers. In the U.S., healthcare fraud averages $68 billion annually. Timely and effective fraud detection is essential to improve the quality of care. CLICK AI’s deep learning model utilizes previous healthcare data and healthcare fraud data to find patterns in the data that deviate from expected behavior. This can effectively detect fraud and improve the quality of treatment by detecting abnormalities.

Remote Monitoring

Many are familiar with medical alert systems that contact emergency medical assistance at the push of a button. However, if AI is used as a medical technology, it can improve patient health outcomes and quality of life, improve the efficiency of healthcare providers, and reduce costs. The deep learning model of CLICK AI can remotely monitor the patient's condition by utilizing the patient's health data including blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate, and body temperature, and can prevent deterioration of health by checking the patient's condition before it gets worse.

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