Innovation of All Industries with CLICK AI


CLICK AI promotes the establishment of interdependent networks with one-way industrial structure in various industries. Supplying, distribution, outsourcing, technology, marketing, and sales are combined through big data and artificial intelligence to build the CLICK AI business ecosystem, providing not only one industry but overall participation in the industry.

Use Cases

Renewable Energy Industry

Wind Farm Energy Output Prediction

Wind power generation is one of the main pillars of eco-friendly energy. However, the downside to renewable energy, such as wind power generation, is that it is difficult to predict the energy produced because the energy produced depends on their location or time. Using the deep learning of CLICK AI, you can get data on how much wind has been blowing at a particular location over a long period of time and how much energy the wind power plants have produced each year using this data, so you can predict the energy output of the wind farm and establish a more efficient wind farm.

Sports Industry

Analysis of Human Motion with AI

In the case of sports, it is difficult to observe all the movements that the athlete can do during the activity with the naked eye, so it is possible to record data that cannot be observed using a sensor. By learning complex interactions and patterns of athletes, you can evaluate the effectiveness of athletes' movements based on accurate measurements and analysis.

Transportation Industry

Optimization of Vehicle Driving Route

A 2016 U.S. study found that traffic congestion added $74.5 billion to the overall operating costs of the truck industry. The share of e-commerce is exploding, and many companies offer next-day or same-day delivery options, with many goods being delivered, essentially 30% of road time wasted. Using the benefits of an artificial intelligence model using CLICK AI, the path can be optimized to make it simpler and more effective. It can also efficiently reduce operating costs by optimizing transport routes using transfer routes, transfer traffic data, current traffic notices, customer locations and specific driver and truck information.

Raw Material Industry

Prediction of Raw Material Price with AI

The price fluctuation of raw materials is an important indicator that not only affects supply and demand by fluctuations in the price of products, but also affects the macro economy. Being able to predict the prices of these commodities means that you can predict the future of the market, and you can develop appropriate strategies for economic changes.

Dining Industry

Food Service Optimization

Food service can predict visitor traffic for seasons and events, food orders, and inventories to predict the volume of orders over a specific period or date. Using the deep learning technology of CLICK AI, you can use the previous data to review customers' habits and preferences to attract more customers and improve visits and orders.

Game Industry

Society and Customer Analysis

Game is one of the very important factors to understand consumer perception and psychology. If the game breaks through consumer awareness well, its popularity grows, and it attracts new players every second. Around the world, millions of people play video games every day. All these people leave behind a lot of valuable data that can be of great help to game developers. With CLICK AI, you can analyze social and customer data to understand your customers' attitudes toward your brand and predict purchasing decisions and brand loyalty. This allows you to analyze social and customer data, understand customers' perceptions of the game, and develop effective product strategies.

Defense Industry

CCTV Analysis

Intelligent video analysis using CLICK AI automates the surveillance detection function taking place around us and eliminates the need for operators to constantly watch video screens. Security personnel may miss someone sneaking into dark lighting facilities, but intelligent video analytics can help them recognize human behavior and detect potential threats to prevent illegal activities in advance to protect their business, city, or home. Artificial intelligence makes our lives safer.

Aviation Industry

Identification of Airstrip by Control Tower with AI

With CLICK AI-powered video systems that automatically detect what objects are around the plane as it takes off and lands, managing the runway, taxiway and gate area of the airfield can be made easier. When objects are recognized on the runway, flight delays and accidents can be reduced.

Drone Industry

Disaster Detection and Lifesaving AI

Camera recognition of aircraft such as drones can help you gain access to disaster areas before humans to understand the situation and facilitate initial suppression. In addition, during the suppression process, they can stay in the disaster area to assist in rescue efforts, or they can be dispatched to flood-stricken areas that are not accessible to humans to perform life-saving activities.

Blockchain Industry

Convergence of Centralization (AI) and Decentralization (Blockchain)

The convergence of blockchain and AI that enables transparency and source of data, products, and services can be applied in many areas. Reliability-based blockchains and artificial intelligence are combined to upgrade everything from food supply chain logistics and medical record sharing to media royalties and financial security. CLICK AI allows financial institutions to predict financial product types to consumers based on loan patterns by analyzing the types of loan products used by specific consumers.

Telecommunication Industry

Optimization of Service and Expenses

The telecommunications industry is highly competitive and technology is changing rapidly. Different telcos are typically not the same, but services and products are very similar, so maintaining or expanding market share requires price adjustments and rapid adaptation to market changes. Deep learning with CLICK AI enables the company to more efficiently adjust prices in dynamic pricing. Users can leverage historical or competitive data to optimize prices with accurate pricing and sales forecasts.

Legal Industry

AI-based Increase of Winning Probability

With CLICK AI, you can analyze relevant case law data and build a model that predicts the outcome of case law by entering specific fact patterns. This minimizes the number of actual cases involved, allowing law firms to plan litigation strategies in advance and negotiate quickly.

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