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  Artificial Intelligence

1. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

The dictionary definition of artificial intelligence is as follows.

It is a computer program that has human learning ability, reasoning ability, perceptual ability, and understanding ability of natural language. It is a computer system with intelligence and artificially demonstrated human intelligence in machines. 


Artificial intelligence(AI) is an artificial creation of human-like intelligence that is traditionally capable of learning, reasoning, planning, recognizing, and processing natural language. Depending on the applied industry, the definition of AI varies, but in conclusion, it is a technology that enables machines to think and judge themselves like humans to perform tasks more efficiently.

2. Field of application of artificial intelligence

As the 4th industry progresses rapidly, artificial intelligence is being used in a wide variety of fields.
  ✓ Mobility
   Autonomous vehicle, logistics/delivery management, intelligent drone
  ✓ Finance/Investment
   Real-time stock investment, credit evaluation, investment risk management
  ✓ Biology
   Medical diagnosis/prescription, new drug development, health management support, disease prediction
  ✓ Energy
   Energy demand forecast, renewable energy production forecast, power generation equipment optimization operation
  ✓ Defense
   Sign detection, intelligent weapon system

3. Three characteristics of artificial intelligence

AI can support three critical business needs: automating business processes, gaining insight through data analysis, and engaging customers and employees.

1. Process automation
Artificial intelligence has used robotic process automation technology (RPA) to automate digital and physical tasks. RPA is more advanced than previous business process automation tools because "robots" behave as if they enter and consume information from multiple IT systems.
 2.  Securing insights
Artificial intelligence uses algorithms to detect patterns in vast amounts of data and interpret their meaning. AI and machine learning, and deep learning mimic the activity of the human brain and can perform functions such as image and speech recognition. Machine learning can also provide new data for better analysis.
 3.  Cognitive participation
Artificial intelligence has been transforming customer interactions into machines using natural language processing chatbots, intelligent agents, and machine learning.

4. Artificial intelligence in CLICK AI

 - AI-based data analysis process automation of CLICK AI
 - CLICK AI can easily analyze/predict data by automatically developing deep learning-based artificial intelligence.
 - Through ClICK AI, you can create a new business by combining artificial intelligence with various functions.


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